My plan to avoid needing a hospital bed!

April 2, 2020 to add links, warnings, and additional explanations 'why' 
April 2, 2020 to add directions to make your own mask
April 20, 2020, to add zinc ionophore info, and ventilator info 

It doesn't matter whether this disease escaped from a lab in Wuhan, migrated from bats, is caused by 5G, or is simply the flu being weaponized by the government to control us, the fact is that people are dying and there aren't enough hospital beds to accommodate them.

Even if you DO get a hospital bed, the chances of being put on a ventilator are high, because conventional medicine has few other options - they won't use what hasn't been 'approved', and most of the treatments that have worked in other countries are alternative strategies that have little chance of being approved by the pharma-run government.  80% of the people on ventilators don't survive, ventilators do more harm than good, and the ones that do survive are left with permanent lung, heart, and brain damage.

So, my PRIMARY plan is to AVOID GETTING THE DISEASE by STAYING HOME.  The only time we leave our property is to walk the dog and to get food.  We time these activities to minimize contact with others.  When you get home from the grocery, disinfect everything.

Note: Staying home is PHYSICAL distancing; 
with a phone/computer and apps like FaceTime and Zoom 
there is no need to cut yourself off from your friends and family.

If you must go out, please WEAR A MASK !    Masks save lives
Photo courtesy of Masks Save Lives

If you can't find masks for sale MAKE YOUR OWN !****

If you think 6 feet is enough distance, watch this video:  
micro-droplet movement

The longer you delay contracting the disease, 
the more experience doctors will have in treating it, 
and the more likely you are to survive.  

 I am not a doctor!
The prevention suggestions below were compiled from:
  1. what was used successfully in China
  2. what was used successfully by restorative doctors in the US
  3. what is recommended by Dr. Cowan (anthroposophic), Dr. D'Adamo, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Klinghardt, and Phillip Incao (homeopathic).

Food-derived is best: Amla berry, acerola cherry, or rose hips 50mg/day 
Otherwise, liposomal C is best synthetic, 2000-5000mg/day

If you do nothing else, please take vitamin C!

Vitamin D3 plus K2 (or plenty of sunshine) is also recommended by everyone.
Quercetin plus zinc is also recommended by everyone.

(many COVID-19 symptoms mirror zinc deficiency symptoms)

The suggestions below will help you PREVENT INFECTION by strengthening your immune system.  Choose one or two items from this list, one or two from the list below, and alternate them:
  • Astragalus - anti-inflammatory, helps deal with stress
  • Zinc - many people in Wuhan who contracted the disease had low zinc levels
  • NAC - lowers your chance of infection and reduces risk of developing severe bronchitis
  • Lipoic acid - helps boost type 1 interferon response, 1200-1800mg/day
  • Bee Propolis spray - Klinghardt has treated every patient successfully with this. 
  • Some practitioners recommend selenium but Klinghardt says it's an ACE inhibitor and should be avoided.*
  • Sulforaphane - antioxidant - low levels may be why older people are hit harder
  • Melatonin low dose - potent inhibitor of inflammasomes, protects lungs from injury, and production decreases as you age which could be why young people are spared (IF you are taking ACE inhibitors*, have cardiac conditions, or hypertension, you need to consult your physician before taking high doses of melatonin.  Melatonin may lower blood pressure and cause hypotension at higher dosages. ) 

Also choose one or two items from this list to AUGMENT PREVENTION STRATEGY:
  • Larch arabinogalactin - increases butyrate production, builds more robust immune system
  • Quercetin - zinc ionophore forces zinc into cells, antioxidant stronger than vitamin C
  • Green tea (matcha is best)
  • Elderberry 600-1500mg/day
  • Magnolia bark (Relora contains magnolia bark)
  • Food with mannose-binding lectins (leeks, onions, garlic, shallots)

If you're symptomatic - SEE A DOCTOR:

The FDA has just approved the use of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin/Zithromax, which are the only pharmaceutical drugs that have been used successfully.  If you can get your doctor to prescribe them, I've heard that they DO work. Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionophore, like quercetin, which forces zinc into the cells.  Here's a chart shared by Klinghardt in one of his webinars showing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin:

Graphic from Dr. Klinghardt's Webinar.


The treatment suggestions below were compiled from:
  1. what was used successfully in China (vitamin C and melatonin)
  2. what was used successfully by restorative doctors in the US
  3. what is recommended by Dr. Cowan (anthroposophic), Dr. D'Adamo, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Klinghardt, and Phillip Incao (homeopathic).

  • Increase Vitamin C to 1000mg/hour or to bowel tolerance - induce diarrhea**
  • If you have a fever, DO NOT TAKE FEVER REDUCERS - let the fever flush the toxin from your cells (if fever goes above 105F, see a doctor)
  • If you do not have a fever, use a sauna to induce sweat without exercise (or, take a hot bath and then wrap in blankets so you sweat)
  • Propolis, inhaled every hour - Klinghardt has treated every patient successfully with this
  • Quercetin plus zinc - quercetin forces zinc into cells
  • Natural antibiotic such as cinnamon extract or oil of oregano
  • I would discontinue selenium* if you're taking it 
  • Quinine is NOT the same as hydroxychloroquine and is not recommended.

In addition, choose one or two supplements from the list below and alternate them.  Using different pathways may stymie the virus if it mutates:

Phillip Incao, an anthroposophic homeopathic practitioner, recommends Weleda Ferrum Phos 6X and Weleda Echinacea Comp every hour, Weleda Infludo every 2 hours, plus hot citrus punch with ginger, and carrot/onion/garlic broth as much as tolerated.  Uriel Pharmacy makes comparable products. He also recommends a liver flush (or Milk of Magnesia 4T all at once, once daily for 5 days in a row)

Dr. Paul Cottrell recommends forskohlin and birch bark at 8am and 3pm, then Relora and calendula at noon, since each of these acts on a different pathway.

Rudolph Steiner, Phillip Incao, and Dr. Cowan recommend you eliminate fear
if you're afraid you'll get it, you will! 

*   The s-protein on the virus (the thing that makes it look like a sputnik) is thought to bind to the ACE-2 receptor and enter the cell at that point.  If you are taking an ACE inhibitor (often used to control blood pressure) you are forcing your body to make more ACE receptors!  Klinghardt recommends switching to an ACE2 receptor blocker:

**   IF you are infected, you will essentially have an ‘unlimited’ tolerance for ascorbic acid (vitamin C).  Your tolerance may increase above 100 grams or more. That is normal.  Recommended dose is 1 gram (1000mg) every 15-30 minutes depending on severity of symptoms.  Increase to 2 grams (2000mg) every 15-30 minutes if symptoms re not reversed within 12-24 hours.

***  Melatonin, nitric oxide and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are all inextricably intertwined and deeply involved with ACE2.   Ascorbate (vitamin C) is the only molecule used by the body that can efficiently reduce the BH3• free radical back into BH4Deficiency in vitamin C not only reduces production of nitric oxide in COVID-19 patients, but can potentially exacerbate already out-of-control oxidative stress and hypoxia.  

Melatonin, nitric oxide and ascorbic acid can reduce COVID-19 virulence by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasomes to stop the perpetuation of cytokine storms.

**** Mask and Filter materials: 
Copper fabric (copper is antimicrobial) 
Filtration power of different fabrics 
Paper towels and other materials found in your home
How to layer the paper towels 
To make a HEPA filter for the Olsen mask

To make a simple mask with a HEPA filter insert:
COVID-19 mask with HEPA filter from vacuum bag
If you don't have a sewing machine, and can't sew by hand:
DIY No-Sew Fabric Mask for COVID-19 
No-Sew mask using paper towels and rubber bands Use this only in an emergency - it's too small 

To make a face shield from a 2-liter plastic soda bottle:
Face shield using 2-liter plastic bottle (punch holes in either side and attach ties to secure it!)
This adds protection but make sure you wipe it down when you get home!

Rather than wash the mask every time you use it, make 4 and allow them to air out for 3-4 days in-between each use.

I plan to make ours from the copper fabric and line them with paper towels.  

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