Deciding which recipes to include on this page was hard because what seems easy to me might not be easy for you.  I wash all our dishes by hand so I prefer recipes that don't require lots of pots, pans, bowls, etc... whereas someone else might prefer recipes with a short ingredients list.  In addition, using CSA produce requires extensive prep time (cleaning) so I couldn't use time as a limiting factor.

I decided to use the following criteria:
  • No more than two pots/pans unless the third one was a blender or processor.  I generally use an immersion blender instead which is easier to clean.
  • No longer than 30 minutes prep, but several have long unattended cooking times
  • No hard-to-find ingredients
  • No deep frying 
(Relatively) EASY Recipes
(recipes preceded by an asterisk I either hacked or developed)

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