Friday, February 23, 2018

Biodynamic products I buy (in the USA)

    I intend to add to this as new products become available.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar by Natural Nectar, available at Amazon and Whole Foods
  2. Almonds (steam pasteurized) by Marian Farms
  3. Balsamic Vinegar by Acetaia Guerzoni available on Amazon
  4. Brandy by Marian Farms
  5. Breakfast cereal by Back to the Roots
  6. Chocolate by Pacari (not all flavors are biodynamic)
  7. Coffee by Cafe Altura also available on Amazon
  8. Cranberries available at Whole Foods in the fall (freeze them for year-round use)
  9. Essential Oils by Borbonese on Amazon
  10. Essential Oils by Fushi on Amazon
  11. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) by Castillo de Canena
  12. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) by Grgich Hill
  13. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) by Preston
  14. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) by Tablas Creek
  15. Everything (if you live near LA, CA) by Apricot Lane Farms (they don't ship)
  16. Everything (if you live near Hudson, NY) by Cowberry Crossing
  17. Flour (emmer, einkorn, farro, hard wheat, and rye) by Bluebird Grains
  18. Fruit (apples, peachs, plums, pears, filberts) by Brook Farm in MA
  19. Fruit (citrus, guava, figs, persimmons) by La Vigne Fruits
  20. Herbal Tinctures by Oregon Wildcrafted
  21. Jam (blueberry, strawberry and apricot) by Crofters at Whole Foods, and Vitacost
  22. Juice (apple, cranberry, and pomegranate) by Lakewood at Whole Foods
  23. Lemons by Marian Farms and La Vigne Fruits
  24. Limes by La Vigne Fruits
  25. Maple Syrup by New Day Farms
  26. Mustard by Gathering Place
  27. Pasta by L'Origine at IGourmet they still make it, I'm looking for a US vendor
  28. Raisins by Marian Farms
  29. Rice (white sushi, and short grain brown) by Lundburg at Whole Foods
  30. Sugar by Wholesome at Whole Foods
  31. Tea by Hampstead on Amazon
  32. Tea (Idulgashanni and Makaibari) at Arbor Teas
  33. Tea (ginger and Darjeeling) by Republic of Tea at Whole Foods and Amazon
  34. Tomato products by Good Boy Yellow Barn at Whole Foods and Lucky Vitamin 
  35. Vegetable Powders by Dr. Cowan's Garden.
  36. Verjus by Montinore
  37. Wine:

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