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This is not a recipe blog so I do not spend weeks perfecting a recipe, and then recreate it taking dozens of photos.  What I do do - since I rarely find recipes that are healthy as written - I start with someone else's recipe that is close to healthy and then I hack it to remove the ingredients and processes I prefer not to use.  If my changes are successful, I post it on My Favorite Recipes.

The recipes on this page are those that I have not yet hacked

All the recipes on this page are links to external websites.  I'm sharing the list to help other CSA members who might be looking for ideas using CSA produce.  I will be creating a better index - the page has gotten way too long!

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If you want to search the list in this post you will need to use your computer's "find" option.

For a list of the recipes I've created or hacked, press here for Barb's Favorite Recipes.

If you want to hack the recipes on this page press here to learn how to do it.

(since most people aren't as picky as we are,
these may be fine for you 'as is') 
For a list of the recipes I've created or hacked,  

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