Although I do occasionally create recipes from scratch, I will usually find something on the Internet (or in one of my hundreds of cookbooks) that is close to healthy, and then 'hack' it to remove ingredients and processes I don't want to use.

Here's how I hack a recipe:  
  1. First, I find recipes that are close, since too many changes usually aren't successful.
  2. The main thing I do is swap out the unhealthy oils for healthy fats (scroll down for them)
  3. I eliminate or replace all processed ingredients like Worcester Sauce and salad dressing (they're full of MSG, which causes brain damage), catsup, mustard, sausage, artificial sweetener, etc...(avoid hidden MSG)
  4. I replace all canned ingredients except for canned beans and jarred tomatoes.
  5. I replace black pepper (high in mold and very acidifying) with cayenne, and 'salt' with pink salt. 
  6. I prefer not to eat soy, peanuts, corn, or potatoes so I eliminate or replace them.
  7. I don't cook anything in the microwave.
  8. You don't need me to hack your recipes!  Given these 'rules' you can do it, too.  

    Example of hacked recipe shown below 

    Carrots with Thai Dipping Sauce

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