Avoiding Toxins

Consolidating what I've learned

One of my goals with this blog is to consolidate the massive amount of information I've collected while researching my strategy.  There are so many blogs out there addressing the same issues I address here, but they're HUGE, with too much information, and I find it hard to keep track of everything I want/need to do.  My posts will link to those other, more detailed, websites if you want more information (or if you disagree with what I'm saying).   The links page lists many of the websites where I got my information.

Here, you'll just get the crib notes, so to speak.  The 'nutshell'. 

Here's a quote from GeneticGenie on why we need to limit our exposure to toxins:
"Chemicals are everywhere. They are in the air, on your clothes, on your or your neighbor’s lawn, on most of your furniture, on your mattress, in your plastic containers, on your children’s toys, in your shampoo, in your perfume or cologne, in your food, in your water and more. I think you get the point. You have the power to limit exposure, but you simply can’t avoid exposure.
Maybe if we were living on a deserted island or an impermeable bubble with no chemicals or influence from the outside world, avoiding toxins wouldn’t be important. Maybe if we revert back to our life a few hundred years ago, avoiding toxins wouldn’t be important. But now, we have disrupting chemicals that our body doesn’t know how to eliminate. And they are everywhere. 
We ALL need to reduce our exposure!  
If you're older you might also want to detox.

In the pages linked to below, I describe what we've been doing.  If you want to do the same things, keep in mind that we've been on this journey for a long time, at least 10 years.  Don't try to change everything at once!   It will cost too much money and you'll get depressed.

If you replace the products you currently use with healthier versions first, and then transition to healthier products overall it will be much easier.  In other words, first transition to organic eggs, then transition to grass-fed organic eggs, then to grass-fed organic corn and soy free eggs. 

I've listed a few transition steps below the links for people who need help. Replace those things that will have the biggest impact first.  Each step can take as long as you need - one week, one month, as funds allow - whatever will cause the least stress.  After you conquer each step move on to the next.

Yes, you can heal yourself.

Some of the things I do to decrease our toxic load.

Why BIODYNAMIC is better than organic. 

Biodynamic products I have bought (in the USA).

Organic products I have bought (in the USA).

Tableware - what not to use and why.

Cookware - what not to use and why.

Animal Protein - what not to eat and why

STEP ZERO - crucial, you should have done this yesterday!
If you use aluminum cookware you should replace it immediately.
If you use brightly colored dishes on a daily basis, especially red/orange, you should replace them immediately.
If your water is suspect get a filter (either RO or steam distilled).

Change from table salt to Himalayan Pink Salt.
Eliminate all refined oils, especially seed oils.  Use ghee, lard, tallow, coconut oil, and EVOO instead.  Nuts and nut oils are high in omega-6 and should also be avoided.
Always buy the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables organic or biodynamic.
Start collecting glass containers and jars.  Use them for storage instead of plastic.

Start replacing your personal care products (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc...). 
If you use a lot of make-up, start replacing it.
If you clean a lot, replace your household cleaners (baking soda is a cheap and effective replacement, so is vinegar).

Wean yourself off dark-meat chicken (worst omega 3:6 ratio of any meat)
If you must eat fish, make sure it's wild caught (small fish are best)
Switch to 100% grass-fed and grass finished beef, bison, lamb and goat, preferably organic.
Switch to 100% grass fed milk and other dairy, preferably organic.
Switch to pasture raised* (NOT free range) pork and eggs, preferably organic corn and soy free.

STEP FOUR (this is the hard one!):
Stop buying packaged goods:  one by one, learn to...make them from scratch.

STEP FIVE (if step zero didn't apply to you):
Get one or two safe pieces of cookware, which ones depend on what you use most.
Get one set of safe (glass or porcelain) dishes
Get a water filter.

You're almost there now!
One by one, add the things that are most important to you:
Buy more and more organic/biodynamic. 
If your sleep suffers, work on the bedroom.
Reduce your exposure to EMFs.

If you know you have been exposed to toxins and you want to start removing them, you can read about how I'm doing that here.

*Pigs and chickens are omnivores and they need protein to thrive.  Chickens on pasture eat bugs, frogs and mice; pigs eat nuts (they love acorns), bugs, mice, food scraps, and dairy!  These animals do not thrive on a vegetarian diet.

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