Meals for our Farmers 2019

Starting on Thursday June 27, 2019, I prepare meals for our farmers and apprentices once a week!  One is vegetarian, one is gluten free, and one can't have eggs.  I do the cooking in my kitchen and deliver the food to them at noon.  Most things I deliver in 1/2 gallon glass Ball jars.  Others, like stuffed peppers and meatballs, in stainless baking dishes.

Listed below are the weekly menus I've prepared, with links to some of the recipes.

Usually, I'm in a mad scramble on the day I'm delivering the food and I don't have time to take photos of what I've prepared.  If there is a photo below it's from another day, when I prepared the same dish for us and remembered to take a picture!

Last years' menus were listed from earliest to latest.  This year, I'm going to list the most recent first so you (I) can see what's coming up.  I'm going to use last year's menus as a guide, since they incorporated what was available in the farm store at that time; but since I'm starting 2 weeks later this year, I'll need to make adjustments.

Another farm member, Tatum Joy Hammer, brought them the following but I don't have dates so I'm listing them all together:

1/2 gallon spaghetti sauce with meat
2 lbs spaghetti
1 lb ranch sour cream dip
1 lb onion sour cream dip
1 pt basalmic mustard vinagrette
various salad toppings
1/2 gallon unstuffed cabbage
8 servings rice
1 qt summer red sauce (squash, zucchini, mushroom tomato sauce)
2 lbs taco seasoned ground beef
1 qt beans seasoned for tacos/burritos
6 qts pudding (vanilla, almond, chocolate)
1 pt lactofermented pickles
beet colored boiled eggs
1 qt switchel concentrate
1 qt sumac concentrate
1 qt hibiscus/rose hip tea concentrate
1 qt mint/lemon balm tea concentrate
2 qts chicken stock
2 qts vanilla pudding with strawberry rhubarb compote
1 qt butternut squash , potato and onion creamy soup
1 pt ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey tea concentrate

-15- October 3 

Ribolitta (Tuscan kale and white bean soup)
Pancetta (for the carnivores to sprinkle on top)
Long Batard
Cherry tomato salad with tomato essence 

-14- September 26

Creamy kabocha squash, mushroom and noodle bake w/Montasio walnut topping
Beef bolognese sauce
Eggpant and tomato salad
11 quart jars of roasted tomato soup
4 quart jars of roasted tomatoes in puree

-13- September 19

Beef keema (Madhur Jaffrey)
Basmati with peas and cumin (Madhur Jaffrey)
Spiced creamed spinach (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
Sookh cauliflower (Madhur Jaffrey)
Coriander chutney (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
Tomato raita (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
Chili pickle

-12- September 12

coddled pork shoulder
cannellini bean salad with juice from pork
farm arugula
roasted fennel-lemon-roasted garlic dressing/dip
Carrot dippers
Roasted cauliflower soup with sumac and dill
Sesame bread
GF cassava tortillas 

-11- September 5

Creamy Cucumber Salad
Senatore Capelli pasta with senposai, feta and black olives
Tres-Omega GF pasta with senposai, feta and black olives
Sauteed cabbage with tomato cream

-10- August 29

Tomato red pepper soup
Turmeric-garlic yogurt (for either soup or  kebabs)
Lamb kebabs
Aduki-walnut meatballs w coriander and garlic forgot these at home!
Basmati rice with dill
Sliced onions and tomato (for kebabs)
Carrots with pistachios and blood orange marmalade
"Naan" (tortillas)
GF "naan" (chickpea tortillas)

Chocolate Roulade

(extra: honey mustard dressing, muhammara)

-9- August 22

Houston's chicken salad reverse engineered:
lime vinaigrette
honey mustard dressing
"Peanut" sauce
spicy chicken tenders
tortilla strips
romaine lettuce
red leaf lettuce
green leaf lettuce
butter lettuce

-8- August 15  

Muhammara (Syrian dip/spread/sauce)
Kuku Sabzi (Persian herbs and greens fritata)
Moroccan meatballs (Paula Wolfert)
Seven Vegetable Couscous (Paula Wolfert)
Harissa sauce, with veal demiglace
Harissa sauce, vegetarian
North African Couscous

-7- August 8

Roasted Almond Butter
Roasted Red Pepper, Garlic and Balsamic Butter
Honey Mango Jalapeno Sauce/Dip
Beet and Horseradish Cream Cheese Dip
Hakurie Turnip, Carrot and Apple Dippers
Stuffed Green Peppers (w and w/o beef) in Tomato Basil Cream Sauce
Long Batard

-6- August 1   

Arugula, corn, fennel and tomato salad
Fried capers and garlic
Fennel, garlic, lemon dressing/dip

Chard stalk hummus
Hakurei turnip and carrot dippers 

Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce

Red chard, white beans, tomato, and garlic
Risotto with cabbage, tomato and cream 

Long Batard

-5- July 26

Curried Egg Salad
Arugula and Sliced Bread (for sandwiches)

Arugula almond pesto

Veggie-Heavy Pasta Primavera

Beef Barbacoa
Sliced red onions
Queso (feta)
GF tortillas

Maple Romanoff Sauce for berries

-4- July 18

Quark with spinach, garlic, and roasted red pepper
Sweet and hot cucumber salad

Ribeye, mushroom and onion stroganoff
Mushroom, aduki, and onion stroganoff
Fettuccine noodles  

Zucchini with basil, mint and balsamic

-3- July 11

Risi e Bisi (Venetian Rice with Peas and Pancetta)
Vegetarian Risotto with Turnips, Turnip Greens and Walnuts

Roasted Eggplant Dip with Fresh Herbs (I combined two recipes)
Long Batard

Another FOTF member brought dessert (chocolate raspberry bars!)

-2- July 4

Avocado and green pea guacamole
Tomato salsa
cilantro lime crema
Glyphosate-free corn chips

beef chili w garlic scapes
vegetarian refried black beans with garlic scapes
GF organic tortillas
Flour tortillas (Whole Foods baked-on-premesis)
sour cream
chopped scallions
grated cheddar (organic, grass fed)
cilantro leaves

Habanero Carrot hot sauce

-1- June 27

coddled pork shoulder
cannellini beans with juice from pork
vegetarian tuscan white bean salad

baby arugula
roasted fennel-lemon-garlic dressing

Topfer cheese dip with harissa, apple mint, and lemon balm
ranch dressing
Sliced carrots as dippers

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