I never thought this blog would be big enough to warrant a "Start Here" tab, but friends tell me they have trouble navigating so I created one.  The ABOUT ME page explains why I created this blog.

The HOME page will always have the 5 most recent posts.  These are generally seasonal (I probably won't be posting a recipe for cucumber salad in December) but there will be the occasional post using summer produce that I have either dehydrated, frozen or canned.  I also post updates on Biodynamic Agriculture, and my epigenetic journey in avoiding Cognitive Decline.

For older posts you will need to use the search bar on the right (directly under the photo at the top) or scroll down to the BLOG ARCHIVE on the right and press the small black arrow to expand each month.

Regarding the RECIPES:  This is not a recipe blog so I do not spend weeks perfecting a recipe and then recreate it taking dozens of photos.  What I do do - since I rarely find recipes that are healthy as written - I start with someone else's recipe that is close to healthy, and then I hack it to remove the ingredients and processes I prefer not to use.  If my changes are successful, I post it.

The recipes on the RECIPES I want to try page are those that I have not yet hacked but they include vegetables we get from our CSAs, or they appear hackable.

The recipes on My Favorite Recipes page are those that I have either hacked or created myself.  The My Favorite Recipes page is hugely out of date.  You're better off using the search function.

When I do post a recipe I've developed myself, it's usually something I've made dozens of times.

(NOTE:  most of my pictures are blah because (1) I take them with my very-old phone, (2) I don't enhance them and (3) if you're using healthy unbleached ingredients, colors will always have a brownish tinge....)

I am hoping to create recipes pages for each season, like the Winter RECIPES page, that are a subset of the recipes I want to try, and my favorites, with my favorites preceded by an asterisk. 

STICKY POSTS address the main areas I'm focusing on in my quest for ultimate health, and they include information that I will keep up to date:

The AVOIDING TOXINS tab is where I describe what you can do to reduce your exposure to toxins.  Unfortunately, you can't avoid them completely.

The PRESERVING tab is where I list all our farm's products and explain how I preserve them.  Some are canned, some are frozen, some are dried, and some are all three!

The SAVING MONEY tab is where I describe the things I do to enable us to eat close to 100% organic/biodynamic.

The FOOD STORAGE tab is where I describe the healthiest ways to store food.  Why spend money on chemical free food and then infuse it with aluminum, BPA, PFOA, PFAS, etc...?

The LUNAR tab describes how the moon affects us, our activities, and the food we eat.  Living by the moon can maximize all aspects of your life, including saving money.

The LINKS tab should be self explanatory.  None of the links on this blog are affiliatory.

I am a HUGE proponent of BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE, and believe it's the healthiest food you can eat, so I created a page where I list Biodynamic products I have been able to purchase both locally and online.   If you'd like to know more about Biodynamic Agriculture, there is a synopsis here.

And, finally, here is an explanation for the name of this blog:

It took me along time to find a name for this blog!

There were so many concepts I wanted the name to embody -
toxin avoidance
healthy ingredients and cooking methods
aging without the need for pharmaceuticals
and recipes using our farm's ingredients -
that it was hard finding a short name which encompassed them all.

I eventually settled on Thyme to Thrive because all the things mentioned above help you thrive.

The reason I used Thyme instead of Time is that while most people see herbs as mere seasonings, they are powerful medicine, and thyme is one of the most usefulSage, basil, mint, and rosemary are also among the many herbs that heal.

Using foods, like thyme, as medicine is a huge part of my strategy to insure a healthy old age.

In addition, since reducing toxins is a somewhat labor intensive endeavor, making time to do those things is as important as using foods as medicine.

So... (using and making) Thyme to Thrive became the perfect name!

My Google ID is Biodynamic Barb which suits me perfectly as I am an avid and active advocate of BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE. You can read more ABOUT ME here.

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