About the Links on this Blog

There are many external links on every page of this blog.
Some of them support what I'm writing and provide additional information.
Others are links to the products we use.
I do not control the content on these external sites so there will be broken links.
If you let me know about them, I can fix them.  


My goal is not to make money on this blog
My goal is to make the information available free to whoever needs or wants it.

Listed below are the websites where I get a lot of my information.
Many of them have newsletters you can subscribe to.  

Biodynamic Association.

Demeter, USA.

Bee Fields Farm

Brookford Farm

Cornucopia Institute

Dr. Mercola

EWG's Dirty Dozen

Food Babe

Food Renegade

Gimme The Good Stuff

Healthy Canning

I Read Labels For You 

Local Harvest

Lunar Calendars

Simply Canning

TWC Farm

Organic Consumers Association

Tamara Rubin

Wellness Mama

Food Stylist Monica Mariano

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