Meals for our Farmers 2018

Between Wednesday, June 13 and Thursday, October 4th, 2018 I prepared meals for our farmers and apprentices once a week.  Three are vegetarian, two are gluten free, one can't have eggs, and one doesn't like cilantro.  I do the cooking in my kitchen and deliver the food to them at noon.  Most things I deliver in 1/2 gallon glass Ball jars.  Others, like the stuffed peppers and meatballs, in stainless baking dishes.

Listed below are the weekly menus I've prepared, with links to some of the recipes.

Usually, I'm in a mad scramble on the day I'm delivering the food and I don't have time to take photos of what I've prepared.  If there is a photo below it's from another day, when I prepared the same dish for us and remembered to take a picture!  

-1- June 13

coddled pork
beans with juice from pork
vegetarian tuscan white bean salad
fennel dressing
sheep cheese dip with harissa and apple mint
spinach and quark dip with Frontier harissa
ranch dressing
egg-free lovage mayo

(Another farm member prepared ice cream with rhubarb sauce, almonds, and walnuts!)

-2- June 20

beef chile verde w garlic scapes
vegetarian chile with garlic scapes
spanish rice
sour cream
corn chips

(Another farm member prepared fruit crumble!)

-3- June 27

pasta with chard and garlic scape cream sauce, walnuts, chicken

-4- July 4

It's been REALLY hot weather-wise lately so I prepared a totally cold menu:

cold cauliflower soup with roasted red pepper puree
bok choy salad with rice crisps, coconut bacon, and sweet soy dressing
brown rice salad with pickled ginger, avocado, peanuts, asparagus, cilantro, scallions
carrot pulp salad with dijon dressing
carrot salad with harissa and feta

-5- July 11

mexican pot roast
mexican black beans (black beans seasoned as the pot roast above)
sour cream

brown rice salad with tomato, cucumber, kalamata, feta
OR was it this one
risotto with chard, scapes, walnuts and cream
houston's chicken salad

-6- July 18

houston's chicken salad
long batard

chard stalk hummus
mexican pot roast, beans, tortillas, avocado, lime, cilantro, sour cream
cauliflower soup with roasted pepper puree
chard with beans, tomatoes, garlic

-7- July 25

Risotto with green onions, red chard, cream and prosciutto
Brown rice with radishes, green chard, dill and preserved lemons
Green beans with brown onions and dill
Sesame bread

Risotto with green onions, red chard, cream and speck
Brown rice with radishes, green chard, dill and preserved lemons
Arugula salad with fire-grilled corn, crisp dried tomatoes, and crisp garlic in fennel dressing 

-8- Aug 1

Green peppers stuffed w millet, red rice, mushrooms (& beef) in tomato-basil cream
Sauteed zucchini in caper and apple-mint pesto with walnuts
Green salad with whipped cream dressing
Sesame bread

-9- Aug 8

Basmati with peas and cumin (Madhur Jaffrey)
Sag paneer (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
Beef keema (Madhur Jaffrey)
Sookh aloo potatoes and cauliflower (Madhur Jaffrey)
Coriander chutney (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
cucumber raita
Lime chile pickle (Bedekar)
Sweet lassi 

-10- Aug 15

spaghetti (gluten free)
arugula salad with balsamic dressing
garlic bread (I forgot the bread!)

Pictured below, 380 meatballs about to go into the oven; 100 vegetarian, 280 veal:

-11- Aug 22

Ribolitta (Tuscan kale and white bean soup)
Red chard with beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic
Cucumber, red onion, and celery salad
long batard

-12- Aug 29

Roasted tomato soup
Roasted tomato and red pepper soup (for the vegetarians)
Roasted tomato soup SPICY for the guys who like heat
Pistou cream
Tuna salad (for tuna melts to go with the soup)

-13- Sept 5

Brown rice with leeks, fennel, tomatoes and espelette pepper
(Home-canned chicken breast for the carnivores to stir in)
Arugula, corn and tomato salad with roasted fennel dressing, fried capers, and fried garlic
Figs and dragonfruit with raspberry cream and maple chocolate sauce

(Coleslaw with tamari-soy dressing)

-14- Sept 12

Roasted spaghetti squash
Beef bolognese sauce
Mushroom 'bolognese' sauce (vegetarian)
Roasted beet and watermelon salad with feta, walnuts, and balsamic syrup

-15- Sept 19

12-hour green beans with onions, leeks, garlic, tomatoes and espelette
Cream of kabocha squash, mushroom and noodle bake  w/parmesan walnut topping
Bolognese sauce
Garlic batard

(Sheep cheese and yogurt dip with Dr. Cowan's SPICY Threefold Blend)

-16- Sept 26

Spinach pie with gluten-free kabocha crust

-17- Oct 3

Beef curry with spinach (Julie Sahni Classic Indian Cooking)
Cabbage Thoren Kerala style
Cauliflower "Sookhe"
Cucumber raita
Chili pickle
Macaroons (curry and plain)

Papaya Lassi

FUTURE MEAL IDEAS are listed below

Beef and pumpkin tagine

Lemon garlic broccoli 
Italian raw broccoli salad 

Stuffed cabbage

Keema with mustard greens
Dal or this one with tomatoes?
Butter smothered Cabbage (Julie Sahni Classic Indian Cooking) 
Paleo Samosa (made with kabocha)  or Paleo naan
Tamarind chutney 

Pumpkin ravioli with sage brown butter
Beet pasta with tarragon and capers

Beet and carrot salad
Pickled beets
Pickled carrots

Beet brownies

Seafood bisque
Grilled cheese with jalapeno/pickles on homemade GF bread

Leek and potato soup
BLT sandwiches

Spring Rolls

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