Tuesday, August 21, 2018

RECIPE: Gluten Free Meatballs, Master Recipe

We have several friends who are gluten free, and I prefer to avoid gluten when it's not necessary, so I developed this recipe for all the meats I make into balls - veal (my favorite), beef, chicken, lamb.

The original recipe is from America's Test Kitchen cookbook, "How Can it be Gluten Free" but their ratios didn't work with the lean pasture-raised meat we use, so I made adjustments.

Gluten Free Meatballs, Master Recipe
 each pound of meat makes 34 small meatballs
the photo above is 9 pounds of meat

For each pound of ground meat:

Preheat oven to 350.

Beat the eggs and cream together, then stir in the chia meal (or potato flakes) and the salt.  Let this sit for at least 10 minutes to develop the panade (binder).

Meanwhile, saute the onion in the ghee until it's lightly browned.  Add whatever seasonings you're using, saute lightly and then set aside to cool.

When the onion is cool stir it into the egg mixture.  Once it's thoroughly combined, add the meat and mix lightly - beef will toughen if handled too vigorously.  Fry a small piece and correct seasoning.

Form into 1-1.5" meatballs (I use a size 60, 1.5" disher).

Place the meatballs close together on baking pan lined with Silpat, parchment, or parchment backed foil. I make these by the hundreds and use jelly roll pans.

Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.  Do not overcook or they'll be tough!  I take them out when the centers are still a little pink and let them finish cooking on the countertop.

We eat these several different ways:

1. dipped into flavored mayonnaise (harissa is a favorite)
2. stirred into sauce (see ideas mentioned above)
3. made into sandwiches

*The original recipe calls for potato flakes but I prefer the taste and health benefits of chia.

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