Biodynamic agriculture does many things according to the moon, including planting and harvesting.  This results in bigger stronger plants that are able to resist pests naturally, and that keep longer after harvest.

Here is a photo from Maria Thun's book showing onions in May from the previous year's September harvest.  The onions harvested on leaf days (AK) are rotting.  Those harvested on fruit and flower days (WK and LK) are sprouting.  Only those harvested on root days (EK) are still as firm as they were in September and remain so at least until the following August.  THIS is why I love biodynamic agriculture!  It works with nature, not against it.

Here's another photo showing the difference in radishes planted according to the biodynamic calendar.  I wasn't able to figure out some of the symbols - if you know them please help me correct the photo.

You can clearly see that farming according to the moon has a profound impact on the plants.

I researched whether there were things I could do in my personal life that would benefit from 'living by the moon' and discovered that THERE WERE!

For instance: 
if you wash your hair (or your laundry) on a propitious day,  
If you use less soap, your container will last longer and you'll save money!

I have tested this: on days when I must wash my hair no matter what, I don't check the lunar calendar until after I'm done and I try to guess what it will say.  When I use less soap, it's always a 'hair' day; when I use more soap, it's always a non-hair day.  Because of this, I do as much according to the moon as possible.

Change the time zone to yours, it makes a difference.

They have a biodynamic calendar, too, if you're interested.

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