Meals for our Farmers 2020

Every summer since 2018, I have prepared meals for our farmers and apprentices once a week, on Thursdays.  I do the cooking in my kitchen and deliver the food to them at noon.  Most things I deliver in 1/2 gallon glass Ball jars.  Others, like stuffed peppers and meatballs, in stainless baking dishes.

This year the apprentices have requested that all meals be gluten free. 

Listed below are the weekly menus, with links to some of the recipes.

Usually, I'm in a mad scramble on the day I'm delivering the food and I don't have time to take photos of what I've prepared.  If there is a photo below it's from another day, when I prepared the same dish for us, and remembered to take a picture!

The menus are listed with the most recent first so you (and I) can see what's coming up.  I use the previous year's menus as a guide, since they incorporated what was available in the farm store at that time; but since I start at a different time every year, I need to make adjustments.

Other farm members are welcome to bring food at their convenience, and several of them have done so.  If you're interested in contributing, please contact me to coordinate the delivery and return of your containers.

-18- Oct 1

Risotto with root vegetables, tarragon, and cream

-17- Sept 24

Cream of kabocha squash, mushroom and noodle bake  w/parmesan walnut topping

-16- Sept 17

Red chard, white beans, tomato, and garlic

-15- Sept 10

Brown rice with leeks, fennel, tomatoes and espelette pepper
Arugula, corn and tomato salad with roasted fennel dressing, fried capers, and fried garlic

-14- Sept 3

Creamy Cucumber Salad
Tres-Omega GF pasta with senposai, feta and black olives
Sauteed cabbage with tomato cream

-13- August 27

Roasted tomato soup
Pistou cream
Tuna salad (for tuna melts to go with the soup)

-12- August 20

Kuku Sabzi (Persian herbs and greens fritata)
Moroccan meatballs (Paula Wolfert)

-11- August 13

Beef, mushroom and onion stroganoff

-10- August 6

Chickpea and herb fatteh

-9- July 30

Stuffed Peppers

-8- July 23

Houston's Chicken Salad

-7- July 16
Ribolitta (Tuscan kale and white bean soup)

-6- July 9

-5- July 2

For Saturday, July 4th:

Cole Slaw
GF sugar-free hot dogs
GF chicken and spinach sausage

-4- June 25

white bowl with green pork chili, guacamole, cilantro jalapeno sauce, salsa, grated feta, and sliced scallions

Avocado and green pea guacamole
Tomato salsa
Glyphosate-free corn chips

Cilantro Jalapeno sauce (to make chili and/or guacamole hotter)

sour cream
sliced scallions
grated Feta (similar to queso)

(Extra beans for those who like a higher bean:chili ratio)

-3- June 18

Basmati with peas and cumin (Madhur Jaffrey)
Sag paneer made with senposai and haloumi (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
Beef keema (Madhur Jaffrey)
Sookh aloo potatoes and cauliflower (Madhur Jaffrey)
Coriander chutney (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking)
cucumber raita
Lime chile pickle (Bedekar)
Sweet lassi  

-2- June 11

cayenne, for those who can eat spicy food
farm baby greens
balsamic dressing

Quark cheese dip with harissa, mint and lemon balm - medium hot
Quark cheese dip with harissa, mint and lemon balm - mild
Simple Mills almond crackers (dippers for quark)
Mayonnaise (for any leftover meatballs)

-1- June 04

cannellini beans with juice from pork
vegetarian tuscan white bean salad
farm arugula
roasted fennel-lemon-garlic dressing
long batard

Quark cheese dip with lovage and lemon
Sliced carrot dippers
chive blossom ranch dressing


GF butternut squash lasagna
Veal bolognese
Green salad
EVOO and chive blossom vinegar dressing
Walnut and lovage pesto?


Chickpea and herb fatteh

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