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DETOXING - Why do it

This post is PART ONE of a compilation of the many detox protocols I've read about over the past 4-5 years.  I do not have any of the symptoms associated with heavy metal toxicity but I'm sure they are in my body because I have not lived my life in a valley in the Rockies or a remote forest in South America.

Using Dr. Bredesen's criteria, the likelihood that I'm toxic is low so I feel that I can safely eliminate what's in my body - without a practitioner's help - because I don't have much to get rid of.  However, knowing that the brain is the last part of the body to release metals, it makes sense to me to completely clear them from my body.

If you have any of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity 
then you must use a trained professional to help you get rid of them 
or you can make yourself worse!  

What is written here is purely MY OPINION.
It should not replace advice from a medical professional. 
Don't do this alone!

Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt is one of the leading natural medicine physicians in the world.  Described as, "one of the most brilliant and gifted medical pioneers of our time," Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of metal toxicity and its connection with disease.  It is this part of his work that interests me - eliminating toxins.

The remainder of this post are the notes I took while watching Dr. Klinghardt's video.   Although the video seems to be an advertisement for the products he uses, what I got from the video is HIS TECHNIQUE - what he does to detoxify his patient's bodies. (A partial transcript is available HERE.)

Below are my notes on WHY he says we all need to detox heavy metals:

Almost all the illnesses we’re facing right now are linked to pollution of our environment.  Aluminum in the water and the air, mercury in your mouth (fillings and dentures (The pink element that makes the gums of the dentures pink is mercury sulfate and cadmium sulfate. )),  glyphosate in air, soil, and food.  Conventional agriculture has poisoned our food chain.

EVERY AMERICAN has these substances in their body, unless you live in a valley in the Rocky Mountains.

A very aggressive treatment use in Germany called apheresis, a 3-hour procedure similar to dialysis, discovered that EVERY AMERICAN they tested (several hundred) is filled with nanonized aluminum and organophosphates (Round-up).  The amounts found are 100 times higher than lead, mercury, or cadmium.  No lab in the US can make this diagnosis.  It doesn’t show up in hair analysis or other challenge tests.

When our inner environment is polluted, microbes that have lived symbiotically with us become more virulent and aggressive. We become out of balance.  Not only in the gut – everywhere in our bodies. Parasites concentrate toxins in themselves; they are here because we are polluted, they help us by taking toxins out, but there is a cost.   Diagnosis is difficult because no lab in the US can detect them.    We all have parasites because of environmental pollution.

22:29 Alzheimer’s has 4 components: mercury, aluminum, Lyme spirochetes, herpes simplex type1.  When we address those 4 issues, we can very often reverse, or at least, halt the progression.  (note: Dr. Bredesen also mentions Lyme and herpes simplex.)

To get mercury and aluminum out of the brain is the intent of all detox programs, because the brain is the last part that gives up metals.  So, if you get it out of the brain, you’ve detoxed the entire body.  If the body is full of mercury and aluminum, and there’s a little in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s, you can’t get it out until the rest of the body is clear.  Working against an osmotic gradient is impossible.

Once you get mercury out,  you increase the body's ability to eliminate all other toxic metals.  This is because mercury can cause a zinc deficiency and your detox pathways need zinc.

1:23 - Glyphosate (Round-up) is a chelator for minerals and prevents them from being absorbed.  Therefore, most of us are trace mineral deficient even if you eat organic (because glyphosate is in the air).   There is also a synergy between glyphosate and aluminum.  When bound with aluminum, glyphosate transports it deep into the brain and central nervous system. We cannot differentiate between detoxing aluminum and glyphosate. 

Lead in our bones is 400-1000x higher than 200 years ago.  It causes osteoporosis.  To get lead out of bone – replace lead with zinc.  Lyme disease causes an enzyme blockage that increases depletion of zinc, b6, molybdenum, biotin, glutathione into urine.  Urine can be tested for it.  Klinghardt uses CORE to replace in amounts higher than what the body is losing.

All of the above in conjunction with this page on avoiding toxins have convinced me I need to detox.

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