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This post is PART TWO of a compilation of the many detox protocols I've read about over the past 4-5 years.  I do not have any of the symptoms associated with heavy metal toxicity but I'm sure they are in my body because I have not lived my life in a valley in the Rockies or a remote forest in South America.

Using Dr. Bredesen's criteria, the likelihood that I'm toxic is low so I feel that I can safely eliminate what's in my body - without a practitioner's help - because I don't have much to get rid of.  However, knowing that the brain is the last part of the body to release metals, it makes sense to me to completely clear them from my body.

If you have any of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity 
then you must use a trained professional to help you get rid of them 
or you can make yourself worse!  

What is written here is purely MY OPINION.
It should not replace advice from a medical professional. 
Don't try and do this alone!

Remember, once you get mercury out, you increase the body's ability to eliminate all other toxic metals.  

Excerpts from interview with Chris Shade, supposedly foremost expert on heavy metal detox:

The Mercury Tri Test is the most accurate way to determine how much mercury you have in your body and where it's coming from - dental amalgams, environment, or food.  Knowing which type helps you determine which organ/process needs shoring up - inorganic mercury requires additional kidney support before starting any detox protocol. 

To detect heavy metals besides mercury, Shade uses an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) scan of blood for nutrient and toxic metals. This is important, because you need to have your nutrient metals in order before you can go after toxic metals. Most of the toxic metals displace zinc, and zinc drives many important metabolic reactions. If you have low zinc, you're not going to be able to detoxify metals well. 

Detoxing involves squeezing the toxin out of the cell into your blood circulation, and then filtering out the metals through your kidneys, liver, and GI tract. 

However, you need to begin by assessing your filtration capacity before you start moving toxins out of your tissues. If you're feeling awful, it means toxins are building up in circulation faster than they're being filtered out.  

FIRST optimise your filtration mechanisms:

1. Insure colon is functioning correctly - as least 2 bowel movements per day.

The reason for this is that if a person has a slow bowel transit time most of the mercury eliminated in the bile will be reabsorbed from the large intestines.

The body can cause loose stool to speed up elimination of toxins.  This causes the bile containing the  mercury to be jettisoned before it can be reabsorbed.  Unfortunately, most mercury toxic bodies have lost the ability to empty the bowels with diarrhea.

People with a long history of constipation usually have higher-than-normal mercury levels.

The best way to improve colon transit time is to eat more raw and fermented vegetables!  Taking a probiotic (Bredesen recommends ProbioMax) will help if your microbiome has been compromised.  Colon Corrective by Baseline Nutritionals is designed to support intestinal health prior to starting a detox program.

2. Insure minerals are balanced.

Mercury can accumulate in the stomach lining and decrease stomach acid secretions so one cannot assimilate essential minerals like selenium and zinc.  Your detox pathways require zinc to function correctly and selenium is a potent binder for zinc.

Fortify your mineral stores by
  1. eating a colorful array of foods rich in zinc and selenium
  2. supplementing (you MUST see a practitioner for this because excess minerals can be toxic), and 
  3. getting enough vitamin D.   
Applied Kinesiology is one way to determine what you need.

3. Get detox pathways working.  

Methylation enables the body to make glutathione which enables the liver to pull mercury out of the blood and put it into the bile.   This pathway MUST BE WORKING to detox metals.  The best way to insure this is to have your genome decoded and then take the required supplements to get methylation activity going.

If you don't want to have your genome decoded, read this for advice on optimizing your methylation pathways. 


Inflammation can almost completely prevent the body from making glutathione and the metalothiones needed to eliminate toxic metals.  ALA supplementation (Alpha Lipoic Acid) can reduce inflammation if it's in the body 24 hours a day.  Look for timed release ALA.  ALA supplementation can cause an increase in blood mercury levels that result in symptoms.

Many people are deficient in one or more of the amino acids that glutathione is made from, cysteine and/or glycine, due to a vegetarian or over-cooked diet.  When these deficiencies are present, ALA will not increase glutathione production.

You can supplement with L-cysteine (made from hair (ick!)) but it's best to get it from food.  Both cysteine and glycine are present in all high-protein foods with the best source being RAW MILK which contains "exceptional amounts of cysteine; and most importantly, in the form that can enter cells."

Increasing glutathione production can increase mercury being dumped into the bloodstream faster than it can increase the liver's ability to transport mercury to the intestinal tract.  Approach this slowly!

Mercury can block the body's ability to convert glutathione into s-transferase, the form needed to kick mercury out of the tissues/cells storage sites and into the blood stream.   

As the largest glandular organ in the body, the liver spends its days carrying out hundreds of crucial metabolic functions. The two most important are filtering out toxic waste and determining where nutrients will be used. These two functions are vital to a successful detoxification.

Burdock, dandelion, milk thistle, Livco by MediHerb, and bitters like gentian and myrrh
Clear Way cofactors, high in haritake herb, increase liver function
According to this article by Dr. Cowan:
The treatment of the liver always starts with the diet. The emphasis should be on greens, the bitter and sour tastes, and the healthy consumption of saturated fats. Protein intake should be low to moderate but healthy raised animal fats should be consumed as tolerated. I tell patients to start every morning with a glass of water with a half of lemon squeezed into the water and then eat some animal fat (especially grass-fed butter or ghee) and greens (such as dandelion greens or the more bitter greens) at every meal. The green color is the most pure reflection of plant life and this stimulates the detoxification processes in the liver. The fats are used by the liver to help make the enzymes that do this detoxification work. A mixture of cod liver oil and butter oil helps to make sure a supply of healthy fats and fatsoluble vitamins is available to nourish your liver.
The best studied plants for liver nourishment include milk thistle and schisandra. These two herbs come together in the Mediherb product called Livco, which has been shown to promote healthy liver function.

As mobilized toxins move through blood vessels they are hugely inflammatory.
The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products and chemicals from the blood and eliminating the waste products into the urine before they build up in the tissue and contaminate the cells.  As contaminants unbind from the tissue into the bloodstream, it is important to support the kidney; otherwise, the contaminants can once again bio-accumulate into the tissue.

Dandelion, cranberry (a diuretic), solidago (goldenrod), and corn silk
Garlic, vitamin E, and Phytocort (1 cap 2x/day) help prevent/reduce damage.
Wild/bear garlic (pipettefull 3-4x/day) clears metal and toxic residues from kidneys
Galactose (1 t. few x/day) heals autoimmune disease of the kidneys
RO water with Matrix liquid electrolyte solution, Microminerals, and silica

Thanks to another friend, I've just leaned of new way to prepare your body for detoxing:

Get your interstitium working to clear your lymph nodes

Dr. Klinghardt recommends Sophia Flow which helps clear the lymph nodes in your brain!

SECOND, line your gut with binders. 

Line the entire gut with binders so that when mobilizers are introduced, the binders are waiting.  Without the binders, mobilized toxins will be redistributed to worse places, like your brain.

Chris Shade recommends a cocktail of binders but he's not as specific as Klinghardt:
"...a metal-specific one like IMD (a silica/thiol resin binder) or chlorella,
charcoal (which gets mycotoxins (fungi), except for aflatoxin),
bentonite clay (which gets aflatoxin but not the other mycotoxins). 
Zeolite for pesticides and herbicides."
Thiol resins are, supposedly, the best binders for metals.
Dr. Shade's company, Quicksilver, also offers Ultra Binder which combines all the above.  

Some practitioners recommend IMD (Intestinal Metal Detox by Quicksilver).
Others use NDF by Bioray which claims to eliminate most metals including uranium and that other products are not broad-spectrum.  

Klinghardt recommends the following:
The products he uses are available at BioPure and were formulated to support his practice.   Some of them contain ingredients I avoid, like xanthan gum, and I have found similar cheaper products elsewhere but I'm conflicted about using them  Cheaper is not always better....
Zeobind CLINOPTILOLITE - most zeolites are toxic, CLINOPTILOLITE binds toxic metals, organophosphates, insecticides, pesticides, dyes, drug residues, etc…, needs to be taken with horsetail which binds with aluminum in silicate.  Universal binding agent.  Take away from food.  1 spoon 2xday. 

Microsilica - sulfhydra groups attached to spherical silica = most effective binder for sulfhydrl- affinitive metals lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury, barium, everything except iron and aluminum.  Best for mercury detox.  Take orally for 20 min, then spit.  Or can be swallowed

MetalSweep - (microsilica plus vit C for prolonged effect along entire gut)

Calcium bentonite living green clay - potent binder of plant and mold based biotoxins. 1 t 2xday with water inbetween meals for mold and yeast toxicity.  3-6 weeks

Chlorella PYRENOIDOSA - (mobilizer and chelator) extracts from blood host of toxins, including heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides, that then don’t go through kidneys.  Must be in light-sealed package, protected from EMP, w broken cell membrane.  Pyrenoidosa membrane binds more but is a less bioavailable nutrient (because of membrane). 

PC Ecklonia Cava - brown algae extract with same metal binding capacity as chlorella but different spectrum.  Helps with ED.  Induces deep delta sleep. 4-6 caps at bedtime

I plan to follow Klinghardt's protocol but add activated charcoal to bind mycotoxins.  If you use activated charcoal you must NOT take it within 3 hours of other medication or supplements or it may bind with them, too.  It also binds with IRON and can cause ANEMIA.  Here's a quote from
When to avoid taking charcoal: Never take activated charcoal with prescription medications or with other supplements. Charcoal binds a lot of substances – even the good stuff like prescription medications, vitamins, and minerals. Wait 2-3 hours after taking charcoal to take other supplements or meds and talk to your doctor about the details.
Drink plenty of water: Excessive charcoal consumption, especially without magnesium, can result in constipation. Take 300-400 mg magnesium glycate about 3 hours after taking charcoal and drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.
And speaking of poop…
If you use activated charcoal, it will turn your poop black.

A WORD OF CAUTION:  A few years ago, I took chlorella and selenium before a restaurant meal hoping to trap the toxins in my gut before they could enter my body.  Shortly after the meal I had explosive diarrhea!  What this told me is that the meal was indeed full of toxins, the binders did trap them, and my body got rid of them.  Fortunately we were close to a bathroom!  When you start taking the binders go slowly and make sure you'll be home for the next few hours! 

Focus on chelation to ensure the concentration of heavy metals in the body is much lower than it is in the brain so that when you introduce the mobilizing agent  you are drawing heavy metals OUT of the brain and tissues.  If the osmotic gradient is too high, those metals will be carried INTO the brain.  

(NOTE: If there is evidence that the liver is malfunctioning or there is insufficient methylation, an alternative detoxification route is through the urinary tract. ACZ Nano and NDF Plus can lower blood mercury levels without the need for any glutathione.   CAUTION - this idea needs more research - see a practitioner!)   

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