Sunday, April 1, 2018

RECIPE: Horseradish Tarragon Cream

Here is another recipe using Dr. Cowan's powders.  Organic horseradish is hard to find here so I always have Dr. Cowan's horseradish powder on hand.  It makes a spicy sauce that's perfect with roast beef and salmon (our two favorite ways to serve it). 

Horseradish Tarragon Cream
Makes 1 cup

3/4 c. sour cream (we use Wallaby's which is only organic cream and cultures, nothing else)
3 t. Dr. Cowan's horseradish powder  
1-3 t. dried tarragon*, crushed to a powder between your palms, or 1/4 c. fresh, minced
3 t. lemon juice
3/4 t. himalayan pink salt

Mix thoroughly.  Refrigerate for 1-2 hours to let flavor develop.

*The longer it sits, the stronger the tarragon flavor.  If you're going to serve it right away, use 3 t.; if you're going to keep it a few days, use less.

This does not have the texture that comes with using fresh horseradish but it has ALL the flavor!

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