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This post is PART FIVE of a compilation of the many detox protocols I've read about over the past 4-5 years.  I do not have any of the symptoms associated with heavy metal toxicity but I'm sure they are in my body because I have not lived my life in a valley in the Rockies or a remote forest in South America.

Using Dr. Bredesen's criteria, the likelihood that I'm toxic is low so I feel that I can safely eliminate what's in my body - without a practitioner's help - because I don't have much to get rid of.  However, knowing that the brain is the last part of the body to release metals, it makes sense to me to completely clear them from my body.

If you have any of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity 
then you must use a trained professional to help you get rid of them 
or you can make yourself worse!  

What is written here is purely MY OPINION.
It should not replace advice from a medical professional. 
Don't try and do this alone!

Why I'm going to detox before following Bredesen's protocol:

Heavy metal toxicity can contribute to both inflammation and endocrine problems, AND I believe that all of us have excess heavy metals because we cannot avoid them .

In addition...we all have glyphosate (Round-up) in our bodies, even if we eat 100% organic, because it's in the air (and because even organic corn and soy, which is fed to all the animals we eat, is contaminated with glyphosate due to drift).

Glyphosate chelates (binds) minerals, like zinc, and prevents it from being absorbed.  Our bodies need zinc to detox heavy metals like mercury.  Mercury also prevents us from utilizing zinc which compounds the problem!  To make matters worse, aluminum binds with glyphosate which means we have to detox both of them simultaneously.  But, if we have mercury, we have trouble detoxing other metals so we must get rid of the mercury!

If you have any MTHFR snps, your detox pathways will not be working properly and you will not be able to get rid of mercury (or any other toxins).

Press HERE for part one - WHY DETOX
Press HERE for part two - HOW TO DETOX - the preliminary steps.
Press HERE for part three - HOW TO DETOX - mobilizing toxins.
Press HERE for part four - HOW TO DETOX - other considerations.
Press HERE for part five - HOW TO DETOX - synopsis.

Here is the synopsis of the contents of the above links:


Get a personalized diet plan like SWAMI, to determine lectins dangerous for your genotype
Have all amalgam tooth fillings removed by a mercury-safe dentist
Have genome decoded by 23-and-me and
Have Opus 23 analyze results from and 
Get the Mercury Tri Test  to determine how much and what types of mercury to detox

FIRST, optimize filtration mechanisms:

1. Insure colon is functioning correctly - as least 2 BM/day, ability to produce diarrhea.
2. Insure minerals are balanced.
3. Get detox pathways working.   
Methylation pathways - decode genome, supplement to correct snps

Glutathione - timed release ALA, cysteine from raw milk, glycine from protein

Liver - Burdock, dandelion, milk thistleLivco, gentian, myrrh, Clear Way cofactors

Kidney - RO water with electrolytes and minerals, Wild/bear garlic, Galactose, Phytocort

SECOND, line gut with binders:

Zeobind CLINOPTILOLITE - for toxic metals, organophosphates, insecticides, pesticides, dyes, 
Silica from horsetail - for aluminum and glyphosate 
Microsilica - for lead, cadmium, nickle, mercury, and barium 
MetalSweep - microsilica plus vitamin C for prolonged effect along the entire gut
Chlorella PYRENOIDOSA - a host of toxins that then don't go through the kidneys 
Activated Coconut Charcoal - for mycotoxins except for aflatoxin  
Calcium bentonite living green clay - for plant and mold based biotoxins including aflatoxin 
PC Ecklonia Cava - same metal binding capacity as chlorella but a different spectrum 

THIRD, mobilize the toxins:

Begin detoxification by unloading the connective tissue, gut and colon.
Broken wall chlorella  PYRENOIDOSA from The Raw Food World
in conjunction with C.V.E. (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract)
and  Freeze Dried Garlic

Once the gut and connective tissues are clean, begin intracellular detoxifcation:
Matrix Metals Spray

Shuttle toxins into bloodstream then small intestine with sulfhydryl-containing amino acids.
Freeze Dried Garlic
Animal protein
High-sulfur foods

How to detox glyphosate (round-up):
The main binder for gylphosate is zeolite CLINOPTILOLITE. 
Deep Purple combines acai berry, plums, pomegranate, rosehips. 
Use either fulvic or humic acid:
Matrix Minerals 1-2oz/day clears glyphosate from humans.
Metal Magic -  chlorella, cilantro, and fulvic acid

How to detox aluminum:
Lemon juice (citric acid) in a water bottle throughout the day (protects anti-oxidative properties of the silica)
electrolyte enhanced wildcrafted cilantro tincture is most effective,
Biopure Microsilica or 
small particle bioavailable silica from horsetail teaSynthetic silica does not bind aluminum.
DEO – cilantro based deodorant pulls toxins from armpits use 2x/day.

How to detox lead from bones:
Replace lead with zinc using CORE 4-16 caps/day (make sure you’re mobilizing it).

Fourth, order the lab tests recommended by Dr. Bredesen and work to optimize the results.

Press HERE for part one - WHY DETOX
Press HERE for part two - HOW TO DETOX - the preliminary steps.
Press HERE for part three - HOW TO DETOX - mobilizing toxins.
Press HERE for part four - HOW TO DETOX - other considerations.
Press HERE for part five - HOW TO DETOX - synopsis.

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