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This post is PART THREE of a compilation of the many detox protocols I've read about over the past 4-5 years.  I do not have any of the symptoms associated with heavy metal toxicity but I'm sure they are in my body because I have not lived my life in a valley in the Rockies or a remote forest in South America.

Using Dr. Bredesen's criteria, the likelihood that I'm toxic is low so I feel that I can safely eliminate what's in my body - without a practitioner's help - because I don't have much to get rid of.  However, knowing that the brain is the last part of the body to release metals, it makes sense to me to completely clear them from my body.

If you have any of the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity 
then you must use a trained professional to help you get rid of them 
or you can make yourself worse!  

What is written here is purely MY OPINION.
It should not replace advice from a medical professional. 
Don't try and do this alone!

The remainder of this post are the notes I took while watching Dr. Klinghardt's video.   While the video seems to be an advertisement for the products he uses, what you should get from the video is HIS TECHNIQUE - what he does to detoxify his patient's bodies. (A partial transcript is available HERE.)

Here are my notes on how to mobilize toxins so they can be escorted out:

Do not mobilize toxins until you have completed the preliminary steps or you will make your condition worse!

THIRD, mobilize the toxins:

Metals are stored in several body compartments - intracellular, extracellular (connective tissue), intravascular, kidneys or gut wall, and central nervous system.  Each compartment requires a different detoxification approach.

Begin detoxification by unloading the connective tissue, gut and colon. 

This is best achieved with chlorella.  Chlorella binds with metals, chemicals, organophosphates, dyes, preservatives, PBDEs, and dioxins and excretes them in fecal matter.

At the same time, chlorella is uniquely designed NOT to bind the minerals your body needs like calcium, magnesium, or zinc.  50% of the weight of chlorella is amino acids which are almost identical to the composition of breast milk.  It also contains minerals, fatty acids, all b vitamins including methyl b12.

Keep in mind that chlorella is high in iron.  Men and postmenopausal women should have their levels checked regularly.

Chlorella PYRENOIDOSA has the greatest ability to attract heavy metals but the cell was must be broken.  It's the membranes that are the chelating agent.  Chlorella vulgaris has higher CGF (chlorella growth factor) and is easier to digest but has a lower ability to attract heavy metals.

BioPure also sells a product called C.V.E. (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract) that Klinghardt uses in conjunction with PYRENOIDOSA.

The cleanest chlorella is grown in Taiwan.  Chlorella from China or Japan can be contaminated.  It must be in light-sealed package and protected from EMP.  I get my tablets from The Raw Food World and store them in the fridge.

Freeze Dried Garlic binds with hydro-affinitive metals and is used in conjunction with chlorella.

Once the gut and connective tissues are clean, begin intracellular detoxifcation:

We need something to trigger the cell to give up its toxic content.

Cilantro will move mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead and tin stored in the brain, bones, central nervous system and in the spinal cord, and move it out of the cells and brain into the connective tissue where chlorella is used to escort it out of the body. Certain growth methods enhance this effect.  2 pipettes 3xday before meals.  

Matrix Metals Spray - nanonized cilantro plus other plants.  Adult dose = 8 sprays 2xday.

CurcuSyn - Curcumin combined with piperine and ginger and taken with coconut oil triggers cells to release lead and mercury.  

Because cilantro mobilizes/releases more toxins than it is able to attach to and carry out of the body itself, it may well flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals, that were previously locked into 'safer' (less immediately damaging) hiding places. This retoxification can be avoided to an extent by taking an absorbant such as chlorella or bentonite clay.

To begin with, start with a very low dosage, such as two drops twice a day of tincture. Use cilantro for one week, then take two weeks off. Repeat as necessary. As one slowly increases the dosage, one can take it daily without a break and build up to a maximum of ten drops two or three times a day.  It is best to take cilantro 30 minutes after taking chlorella/bentonite or just before a meal. It is important to try to take the Cilantro immediately before a meal. The idea is that the cilantro stimulates increased bile release, which then mixes with the cilantro/bentonite clay in the intestine, which helps to absorb all the toxins and metals present in the increased volume of bile.

If you are taking your maximum comfortable level of cilantro, and are not experiencing any side effects (headaches, fatigue, constipation etc) be very careful to monitor your water consumption. Maintain at least the same level of water consumption every day. If your routine changes and you neglect to drink enough water for just a day or two, you may experience severe fatigue and a gradually increasing headache. If this is the case, then you are starting to retoxify yourself, and you need to immediately drink more water and reduce your cilantro dosage slightly.

How do we get the toxins released from these cells to shuttle through connective tissue, into bloodstream, and into small intestine?

This is ONLY done with sulfhydryl-containing amino acids.

Whey has a high number of sulfhydryl-containing amino acids (does not work for iron and aluminum).

Freeze dried garlic contains sulfur componds that are helpful in attaching to sulfhydryl-affinitive metals (not iron and aluminum) to transport out of organs. Great detoxifier for everything toxic in our system. 

Animal protein, supplies sulfur-containing amino acids which help chelate toxic metals and support liver detoxification pathways.

Do not overcook meats, and eggs should be only lightly cooked such as soft-boiled or poached so the yolks are runny.

Other high-sulfur foods include vegetables in the cabbage, radish, garlic and onion families.  Sulfur is very helpful for detoxification in general, and for mercury and copper, in particular.

Sulfur containing substances like garlic, DMPS or DMSA mobilize mercury in the kidneys.  DMPS and DMSA MUST be administered by a professional and your condition monitored.

How to detox glyphosate (round-up):
The main binder for gylphosate is zeolite CLINOPTILOLITE.

Some plant adaptogens found in certain berries turn on enzymes that clear the stuff from our bodies – acai berry, plums, pomegranate, rosehip (200x more effective than ascorbic acid). 
Deep Purple combines acai berry, plums, pomegranate, rosehips. 

If you also have glyphosate, you must add fulvic or humic acid.  They both form such a strong bond with glyphosate that (1) it will release the aluminum and (2) it will also be excreted in the stool.  Fulvic/humic acid surrounds the glyphosate so that it cannot escape the bond.

Matrix Minerals 1-2oz/day clears glyphosate from humans.
Metal Magic -  chlorella, cilantro, and fulvic acid.  Fulvic acid contains small amounts of sulfur, which will detox the kidneys.  

As Fulvic and Humic Acids are such poweful mobilising agents, one may elect NOT to take them at the start of a detoxification programme, but be used in the latter half of a chelation programme, and should ideally be taken in conjunction with another chelating agent to bind with the heavy metals that are mobilised/drawn out of the blood and tissues, although this is not strictly necessary. Mobilising agents work best when taken in small doses regularly, rather than large doses.

Another factor to bear in mind if drinking large quantities of fulvic and/or humic acid is that it will tend to slightly lower the body's pH, and so one may want to offset this with an alkaline food or supplemental intake. As fulvic and/or humic acid are both acidic (!), then if drinking them undiluted, on a regular basis, one may want to brush one's teeth afterwards to avoid excessive acidic erosion of the tooth enamel.

How to detox aluminum:
Cilantro is strong mobilizer for aluminum but aluminum needs 2-3 extra items.

Lemon juice (citric acid) in a water bottle throughout the day 
electrolyte enhanced wildcrafted cilantro tincture is most effective,
small particle bioavailable silica from horsetail teaSynthetic silica does not bind aluminum.
DEO – cilantro based deodorant pulls toxins from armpits use 2x/day. Aluminum and parabens are found in breast tissue.

How to detox lead from bones:
Replace lead with zinc using CORE 4-16 caps/day (make sure you’re mobilizing it).

For viruses
VITAL 4 plus small doses of nystatin along with it, activates t-cell activity in gut, amazing powerful treatment for viral infections.  Basic ingredients based on research done by military,
KEY FIVE – other herbs used by native americans (when settlers gave them measles-contaminated blankets) which otherwise would have wiped out entire tribe,
VIRESSENCE – vital 4 plus key 5 – easier for practitioner but detracts slightly from effectiveness.

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