Wednesday, May 2, 2018

RECIPE: Anti-tickbite tea (cistus)

I drink this during the summer (I add it to my Antioxidant Tea glass) to discourage ticks from biting.  I also add a little to our dog's water bowl.

Anti-Tickbite Tea (Cistus)

Makes 1 quart of concentrate ==> 16 pints reconstituted.

1/4 c. cistus tea (it is also available on eBay but I can't vouch for the quality)
1 quart of water.

This tea needs to be brewed 4 times.  Each infusion extracts different components.  I do all four infusions back to back and then combine them in a quart jar.  You can drink it alone - it has a very mild taste - but I put a few tablespoons of the concentrate into my antioxidant tea.

Place 1/4 cup tea into 2-cup french press, pour boiling water over and steep 10 minutes.

Strain into quart jar.

Bring water back to boil, pour over same leaves in french press and steep 10 minutes.  Strain.

Repeat two more times until quart jar is full.  Cool and store in the fridge.

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