Sunday, May 20, 2018

RECIPE: Lovage Mayonnaise

Lovage Mayonnaise
Makes a little more than 1 c.

1/2 c. packed lovage leaves
1/2 c. unrefined safflower oil
2 large egg yolks
1/2 t. himalayan pink salt
1 t. Dijon mustard
1 T. water
2 pint jars
immersion/stick blender

In one pint jar combine the lovage leaves and the oil and blend until smooth.

In the other pint jar layer the remaining ingredients in the order listed.  Pour the lovage oil on top and wait 15-20 seconds for the contents to settle (oil will rise to the top).

Insert the blender and blend, gently rocking the head to slowly draw in the oil,  until the mixutre has emulsified.  Add water if it's too thick - it should be sauce-like.

Adjust seasoning.

Serve with raw carrots or roasted veggies.  It's also DELICIOUS with grilled steak!

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