Monday, September 3, 2018

RECIPE: Yellow Pepper Salad Dressing with Black Garlic

Have you ever tried black garlic?  I've known about it for ages but was reluctant to use it until a friend introduced me to ObisOne, located in Virginia, where they exercise control over every aspect of production from the well water usesd for irrigation to the packaging and distribution.  (THANK YOU, Jill!!!)

ObisOne is aged organic raw garlic, with twice the antioxidants as fresh garlic and none of the garlic breath.  It adds umami to savory dishes as well as a note of sweetness.  It's wonderful with eggs (deviled or scrambled),  mushrooms, and in cheese preparations.  There are several recipes on the ObisOne website, and dozens on Google.

ObisOne black garlic

Today, I used it to pump up some Yellow Pepper Dressing.  It changed the color (in a negative way - brown again!) but it improved the flavor.

Yellow Pepper Dressing with Black Garlic 
Without black garlic on the left, with black garlic on the right.
Makes 2 cups

1/2 recipe yellow pepper dressing
6 cloves black garlic

After making a full recipe (that yields 4 cups of dressing), I poured half of it into a pint jar.  To the amount remaining in the blander I added 6 cloves of black garlic and pulsed to combine.

I could have stopped when it was yellow dressing with black flecks (which looked great!) but the flavor permeates better when it's pureed.

It needs to sit overnight for the flavor to fully develop.

If you're adventuresome, you can make your own black garlic...

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