Monday, March 6, 2023

We hosted a Star Trek party last weekend!

When we lived in Illinois, we would host a HUGE Star Trek costume party, but we archived it when we moved to New England.  Until last week!  This party wasn't the big event we used to host, but it was still a lot of fun.  Here are some photos and links to the HEALTHY food's we served.  Yes, you can host a Sci-Fi party and serve healthy food!

The Kitchen:


The Dining Room:


The Wine and Spirits:

The Cocktails and Glasses:

We served three cocktails created to highlight the Romulan Rye and Romulan Vodka, 
and one low-alcohol cocktail, a Ferengi Starduster, using Kombucha, Tranya and Langour.

The Food:

Suliban Swamp Slug with entrails, Lorvan Chips, Moba Fruit Slices, and Quadrotriticale Crackers (Garlic and herb quark cheese log with pimiento pepper center, plantain chips, watermelon radish, and flax seed crackers)

Bajoran Hasparat with Rekja Sauce (Rolled tortilla filled w hummus, watercress, olives, sun dried tomatoes, and optional SPICY Moroccan dipping sauce)

Ferengi Tube Grub Salad (Charred octopus in lemon olive oil – will be good on the salad below)

Leola Root Salad with Humat Pod Dressing (Arugula salad with roasted fennel, caper and lemon dressing)

Bajoran Albino Ratamba Casserole with Pandoran Puffer Fungus (Veal meatballs and roasted mushrooms in asparagus cream sauce (remember, Bajoran food is spicy))

Wentlian Condor Snake (Haricots verts w onions, garlic, tomato, espelette and EVOO)

Mashed Coltayin Root (Mashed Roasted Celeriac with roasted garlic and thyme)




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