Wednesday, April 29, 2020

RECIPE: Roasted Salted Nuts - Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts, or Walnuts

Peanuts are cancer preventative for blood type A, and my husband LOVES them, but organic roasted AND SALTED peanuts are impossible to find, so I've been making them at home.

For myself, while I prefer to soak and then dehydrate the walnuts, almonds and pistachios that I eat, I have used this recipe for them, too, when I can't wait the 3+ days it takes to make them.

The recipe is for 4 cups but it can be scaled up or down.
I usually make 8 cups and season each batch differently.

Roasted Salted Nuts - Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachios, or Walnuts
Thai Chili Peanuts, Rosemary Almonds, Salted Pistachios, Harissa Peanuts
Makes 4 cups

6 T. water
1 T. himalayan pink salt
4 c. raw nuts
2 t. ghee neutral oil (I use safflower for peanuts and pistachios, and almond for almonds)
OPTIONAL: 2 T. seasoning (I've used rosemary, cayenne, harissa and Thai chili paste)

Preheat oven to 375*.  I use our small toaster oven for this and make 2 cups at a time, which is exactly what the tray will hold.

* Almonds should not be heated above 266F or you will create acrylamide, a carcinogen!  They will take longer at this temperature, but will be healthier.

In a small bowl, heat the water with the salt, and stir until the salt is melted.

Combine the salt water with the nuts and stir to insure they're all coated.

Transfer to a shallow baking dish and spread in a single layer.

Roast for 15-20 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through.  The nuts are done when the inside is slightly brown.  If  you taste one, it will still be a little on the soft side but, don't worry, it will firm up as it cools.

After 15 minutes, start checking them every minute as they go from underdone to burnt very quickly.

Transfer the warm nuts to a bowl and stir in the oil.  Add additional salt and/or any DRY seasoning like rosemary, cayenne, or a dry spice blend.

Rosemary is very good with almonds and walnuts, cayenne and other hot peppers are good with any nut. 

Cool to room temperature and serve, or store in a clamp-top jar to preserve freshness.

Roasted and Salted Peanuts.

IF YOU WANT TO ADD A WET SEASONING like harissa or Thai curry paste:

If you add the wet seasoning before you roast the nuts, the seasoning will burn before the nuts are done.

If you add the wet seasoning with the oil, after the nuts are cooked, they will get soggy.

What I've been doing is roasting the nuts 3/4 of the way, about 12 minutes, transferring them to a bowl and adding the wet seasoning, and then roasting them for an additional 6-8 minutes.  You will need to experiment with your particular seasoning to see how it fares.

Roasted peanuts with Thai chili paste before the final roasting.

After roasting with the Thai chili paste, the raw green color disappears and the nuts are crunchy.  I store them in clamp-top jars to keep them fresh.

Thai chili peanuts


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