Friday, July 3, 2020

RECIPE: How to Freeze Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes keep FOREVER!  I've left them for months - MONTHS - in the fridge, and they were still good!  I've also left them in a bag in the kitchen counter for almost a month, and they were OK to use!  We have air conditioning, though, so the house never gets really hot or humid. 

Unfortunately, they take up a LOT of room, so I freeze them to use later, because I love them in pork chili, beef chili, bolognese, pasta, risotto, dressing, and mayonnaise

Here are the instructions I followed: How to Freeze Garlic Scapes

How I Freeze Garlic Scapes

Here's a photo of how our scapes look after almost a month at room temperature:

As you can see, the flower buds have dried out and some of the cut ends are also dry.  I remove the flower buds and the cut ends.  I drop the middle pieces into a bowl of warm water and run my fingers along each one to dislodge any dirt or debris.  I transfer them to another bowl with cool water.

Here's how they look after they've been cleaned:

I remove 5-6 pieces at a time and slice them. Some I cut 3/4" thick, others 1/4" thick.  

I seal them in 1-cup portions in vacuum bags, label them, and into the freezer they go for use until next spring.

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