Friday, January 18, 2019

RECIPE: Vegetable Broth

Many people make veggie broth with the peels and ends of vegetables that they save in the freezer.  I prefer to use whole vegetables.

There are some vegetables I DO save in the freezer, during the summer when they're plentiful:  I  slice leeks, then freeze in reclosable bags;  I chop and freeze celery, including the leaves; I freeze parsley; and, whenever I use onion or garlic I save the outer layers of skin which are high in quercetin.
Fresh veggies on the left, frozen on the right
This webpage lists 10 reasons why you should make your own broth.

Here is an EXCELLENT RESOURCE for all broth related questions, Please do read it!

Vegetable Broth
Makes 4 quarts

I use a 6 quart stock pot which yields about 4 quarts of stock.  I will often reduce it further and then freeze in ice cube trays so it takes up less room in the freezer.

4 quarts spring, filtered, or distilled water
1 t. himalayan pink salt
4 large scrubbed but unpeeled carrots, cut into chunks
1 large unpeeled onion, cut into chunks*
1 leeks, white and green parts, cut into chunks**
4 ribs celery, including the heart, or 1 small celeriac, cut into chunks***
1 head garlic, unpeeled, halved through the center
1 oz dried wild porcini mushrooms
6 sprigs flat leaf parsley
1 small garnet yam or japanese sweet potato cut into chunks
2 allspice or juniper berries
1 bay leaf
OPT: 1 sheet kombu

Combine everything in a 6 quart stock pot and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for at least 1 hour and up to 24 hours.  (If you cook for longer than 24 hours, it can get bitter.)

Strain.  I use a nut milk bag because it gets all but the tiniest bit of sediment.

Transfer to a smaller pot and reduce by half.  Cool.  Pour into ice cube trays and freeze.

Reconstitute by adding an equal amount of water. 

Veggies in the water on left, after 24 hours on right
Strained veggies in nut-milk bag on left, strained broth on the right

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