Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 - The Perfect New Years Eve

I really wanted to ring in the new year with a clean and tidy house, an organized basement, and all my chores done; but, that didn't happen.  There are still piles of 'basement debris' everywhere, the dog prevents the house from ever being clean for more than a day, and the chores are never ending.

Nonetheless, this was one of the best New Year's Eve I can remember, because we were home alone, in the warmth and safety of the house we love, doing whatever we each felt like doing - we were NOT worrying about the weather and if we'd make it home safely, nor whether our guests would make home safely.

Don't get me wrong - we love to entertain, and we love visiting our friends, but not on New Year's Eve!

We got a lot accomplished during the day, and we had low-stress leftovers for dinner (endive saladraclette, and chocolate roulade).

After dinner, we waited for midnight while reading in front of the fire with the dog at our feet.  I don't remember ever being happier!  At midnight, we toasted our good fortune with our favorite Champagne (mine with the blood orange juice left over from the endive salad).  Half an hour later, we were in bed!

The following day, New Year's Day, we again slept in!  We had a productive day because we weren't hung over, having had only one glass of champagne.

As a result, some of the piles of 'basement debris' have been dispatched, a month's worth of laundry has been washed and put away, all the water jars are full, walnuts have been soaked and dehydrated, there are 6 jars of guava-habanero jam cooling in the kitchen (another 6 jars of guava jelly waiting to be processed), and my 2018 email has been filed which is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I am ready to face 2019!

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